TANDE R&D Centers

Continuously investing heavily in Research & Creative Centers, TANDE opens the door to the world and markets, and TANDE’s approach is to put our customers first.

For TANDE, along with customers right from the first sketch is a great acccompany between designers and manufacturers. We work together with our customers to research and innovate not only beyond creativity but also based on our understanding of customer needs and the vision of curent and future apparel markets.  

TANDE Research & Development Centers are multicultural community of over 800 Vietnamese employees and customers from different nationalities around the world. Here, we all have the same passion of inventing and finishing perfect products.

Currently, TANDE has 2 Research & Development Centers located in Hanoi and Thai Binh, where designers of well-known brands experience the asmophere of a green, close-to-nature to turn out creative inspiratio; a professional and skillful team well-equipped with the most modern equipment, are always ready to bring their designs into reality.


9 Steps

Our process of product development:


  • Clients provide sketches of their new products
  • Their designers work with our technology team to develop and finalise the detailed design
  • Order of raw materials for sample production
  • Sample production
  • Sample testing
  • Client confirms the final sample
  • Pattern Development
  • TANDE team generates costs and negotiations
  • Confirmation of purchase from clients