To become Vietnam’s leading apparel manufacturer and export company on an international level.


Developing high quality products, providing timely delivery based on flexible and innovative performance in order to bring the best value to our customers. As such, TANDE aims to play a part in improving the competitive edge of Vietnamese garment industry, increasing value of life for employees, the community and society.

Maintain annual growth rate of around 20%

Employ up to 30,000 people by 2030

Ensure employees' and their families' quality of life

Enhance the percentage of innovation and technology in the company's product portfolio

Accompany our clients from R&D to production

Maintain a high level of professionalism

Take responsibility for the impact of our activities on clients, employees, communities and the environment

core values

People Oriented

With our motto being “TANDE – The happy and properous common house”, we consider human resources as a core factor and a valuable asset. TANDE employees are treated fairly, trained well and taken care of in terms of material and spiritual lives.


We weave CREATIVE and innovative thinking into work to promote change. Always apply the most advanced technology and proactively seek solutions by self-inventions. We are ready to receive and lead change, explore and learn without fear of failure, create breakthroughs and creativity for the benefits of customers and TANDE itself.

Performance Oriented

Incorporating a culture which emphasises the importance of high performance is a fundamental value of TANDE. We always put the customers’ interests above ours, anticipate and listen to constructive ideas, offer needed support, cooperate with one another to create the highest value for customers and TANDE.


Responsible business is the core value throughout all activities of TANDE. Responsibility to customers, employees, partners, environment and social communities is the 5 areas of responsibility that TANDE has been implementing for sustainable and long-lasting development.

corporate culture

TANDE is the common home for over 18,500 workers who all possess willingness to learn. We aim for the value of  “Diligent and studious workers – Creating high quality products – Increasing the industrial competitiveness – Joining hands to build a civilized and advanced society”.

Fierce and relentless creativity is an outstanding feature existing in both of our production and communal activities. With that spirit in mind, at each TANDE factory, on a daily basis, high quality products created by the hands of our workers are heading out to the ocean and transported to the hands of customers all over the world.

At TANDE, each member identifies and considers the company as the second home, where they unite together to spend most of their time living and working. Regardless of our positions and responsibilites, we are always proud of being a TANDEer.